What’s Our Story?

Our story is simple. We are professional aviators who have a background in software development. We provide our clients reliable, easy to use software.Although we specialize in Aviation products, we can create software for any industry so reach out to us today!

Get started today by reaching out to us: help@ottopilotsoftware.com

CEO and Founder

Luke Sullivan

Luke is one of our Founders and CEO. He started the company with fellow Founder James Mejia while developing software for the US Navy Reserve. While working on this project, he had a vision to build software in order to help people inthe aviation industry make their lives easier. His experience as a Software Engineer, Military Pilot, and Airline Pilot made him uniquely qualified to fill this important need. Luke has over 24 years of military service, a bachelors degree in Computer Engineering and a Masters degree in Computer Science.

CFO, CTO, & Founder

James Mejia

James is also one of our Founders. He also fills the role of CFO and CTO. He found Luke while completing his Bachelors Degree in Computer Science. He has vast experience as an Airline Pilot and multiple entrepreneurial endeavors.

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Office: (719) 256-0005


4416 Centennial Blvd – #309
Colordado Springs, CO 80907